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Laura Canote - The Scent Gal ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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My Story

Hey y'all! Thank you so much for stopping by! Let me tell you a little bit about myself, Laura Canote - The Scent Gal. ❤️

For those of you who have found yourself following me, or recently connected with me, I'd like to share a little recap about my Scentsy Journey & who I am.

I joined Scentsy September 29, 2011. That's TEN YEARS in the wax biz! I honesty, had no idea what I even wanted with this business. I just knew that I liked the products, and I thought, "why not?" Little did I know, that starting my own Scentsy business, would be more than making some fun money. It gave me purpose.


As a stay at home mom, at the time - I NEEDED this thing called Scentsy. 💜

When it came down to it, buying Scentsy was a no brainer. From the first time I was introduced to Scentsy, I was hooked. I was a scented candle addict. I loved everything that smelled good! ('cuz, who doesn't?) But I was hugely sold on the safety! NO open flame, NO smoke, and NO harmful chemicals. Scentsy was a MAJOR GAME changer!!! I could leave my warmers on 24/7 and not worry about my kids burning themselves or setting my house on fire. AND I bought THE CUTEST warmer and these 3 little Wax Bars that FOREVER CHANGED MY LIFE!!! 💜🙌🏼

Today, Scentsy provides so much more than just wax and warmers. We produce beautiful fragrance for everyone in the family, & home decor for every style & season. And still, there's SO MUCH MORE! This business has given me an opportunity to change my life. And IT IS! The community of Scentsy is truly like family (and not in a weird way). My team is such an amazing group of guys and gals, who support each other. We're talking about our goals, our dreams, and the things that Scentsy is allowing us to do and accomplish for ourselves and our families. ❤️

Being a leader of my amazing team, TEAM ELEVATE, has been the biggest blessing of my entire Scentsy career. I believe we can all ELEVATE, through support, encouragement, & love. That's my motto, and I'm sticking with it! 😭💜


I would LOVE to offer you the same opportunity to be a part of something BIGGER! 🌎
Don't over think it! It truly is for anybody!

$99 could change your life!!! (Or... Let's talk about joining my team for only $59! Even better!) But if changing your life is bigger than what you want (right now), EVEN THE LITTLE THINGS are amazing! Like, FREE SCENTSY! AND getting PAID on your own purchases! I mean, HELLO⁉️ 🤪

Maybe just FREE Scentsy sounds about right. HOST a party! Let's do it! Easy peasy - Online Parties/Grab Bags! Let's have fun and get you some fabulous Hostess Rewards!

Maybe you just need to place an order, and you need a Consultant to take care of you. I'm your gal (The Scent Gal)! Please reach out to me, and ask me about any specials or promotions going on! And I LOVE to send out free samples! 😍


Lots of love to all of you! 😘💋

Laura Canote - The Scent Gal- Independent Scentsy Director, Team Elevate

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